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RIDGID SR-24LE Line Locator with Bluetooth® and GPS

RIDGID SR-24LE Line Locator with Bluetooth® and GPS

The RIDGID SR-24LE is a precision utility locating instrument with GPS and Bluetooth® Low Energy technology for easy integration with external data capture devices. The SR-24LE’s intuitive mapping display shows the utility's estimated position, direction and depth, while audio cues guide the operator over the utility.

The omnidirectional antenna array captures the complete signal field, making it easy to acquire the signal and trace its path for greater speed and accuracy as the gradient antenna pair provides left/right guidance for centering over the signal. Already equipped with a SeekTeck 18V Battery Adapter, this locator is ready to power with a RIDGID 18V Lithium Ion battery (not included) for long-lasting power in the field.

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